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What is the meaning of PATOYO numerology analysis. The symbol of idealism, intuition, energy, inspiration, determination, courage, but also tensions and contradictions.

It has the potential to be a source of inspiration for other people. There always exists an excessive amount of energy and intuition. Having too many thoughts at the same time makes it sometimes hard to understand himself. This path can lead to situations where he inspires people, but without conscious effort. Power seems to flow through you without control or effort! This gives you so much power yet also turbulence which results in emotional times.

The eleven is an information channel between the top and the bottom, between the realm of archetypes and the objective world. Ideas, thoughts, understanding and knowledge come to it without having to go through a process of rational thinking. It is as if there was a bridge, or a connection between conscious and unconscious on which he travels with a high level of intuition and through which information can flow up to his mind. All this gives you a great capacity for invention. Many inventors, artists, religious leaders, prophets and figures in history predominantly have had the eleven as their theme. But this excessive intuitive flow can also become a double-edged weapon, because it involves him in a lot of self-reflection and self-criticism.

Often feeling too aware of itself, resulting in an awareness at a level that stands out over others. This can become problematic in relationships when it becomes hard to resemble each other and a feeling of difference arises. You can sense it that you have a message or a specific role to play in life. But talent should first be developed enough in order to take full advantage of it. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your talents to the outside world. Otherwise inner development will never take priority and the ability to realize your greatness will diminish. They always seem to advance and grow slowly, but that is simply because it has more things to take into its evolution than other people. The real success for PATOYO usually begins when it reaches the mature age, when it has already advanced enough in life. Often there may exist a feeling of frustration. To a large extent, that is since he is very demanding and has very high expectations of himself. However, these expectations may be unrealistic and may prevent it from achieving their goals.

They can also be episodes of confusion and disorientation. This leads to a loss of confidence in itself and the beginning of a depression that can sometimes be profound. The cause of these emotional problems is a lack of understanding of their own sensibility and potential. Having a strong ambition and desire to achieve something big but at the same time suffering from a lack of confidence in their ability to realize their dreams.

That is why you need to develop the security and confidence in yourself that is equal to your ambition. Trust is the key that unlocks their potential and their capacity to achieve their dreams. In the strictly physical, you must protect your nervous system, which is extremely vulnerable to stress from your own acute sensitivity. Always try to seek harmony with the environment and follow a healthy diet in order to restore the balance to find peace. In social life you have a great touch and display great diplomatic ability. He is also patient and cooperative. This works well with groups and collective activities where he always finds a way to create harmony between the different points of view. He has a great sense of beauty, balance and rhythm. In the affective life you are usually a sensitive and passionate lover.

Intuition makes you become aware of the needs and desires of your partner, who is able to fill with happiness and finesse. However, when he feels that he has been deceived or abandoned it may react with personal criticism. It is very rare that someone vibrate fully with the energy of the master number. Most of the people who have this path in his numerology chart vibrate in the lower level of vibration.

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